lymphedema therapy

Lymphedema Therapy at Memorial Regional Health

Lymphedema—swelling often in the legs and arms—is a common side effect of cancer treatment and occurs when the lymph system is compromised. Injury can happen when lymph nodes are removed during cancer diagnosis and during radiation treatment. There are other causes of lymphedema besides cancer, but it’s the most common.

The Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Center now offers advanced lymphedema therapy to its patients.

Meet our Lymphedema Specialist

Danika Jost, PT, DPT, CLT, has completed Klose Training, a renowned lymphedema therapy certification program. The gold standard program— associated with the Foeldi Clinic of Germany—is the most intensive, research-based lymphedema training available in the world, known as Complete Digestive Therapy (CDT).

CDT for Lymphedema

  • Redirects lymph flow through specialized massage
  • Decongests area through bandage compression
  • Teaches exercises to move lymph fluid and improve range of motion
  • Provides patient education regarding skin care to maintain healthy tissue and avoid infection
  • Fittings for custom compression garments for self-management of lymphedema