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Videos of Kelsey and Trini's Journey

Thank you, Loya family, for letting us tag along on your baby journey.

Check out these videos that show Kelsey and Trini at different stages in their pregnancy. The latest features the couple talking about the birth of baby Quincey!

Many of you may know Kelsey Loya, 26, who was born and raised in Craig, graduating from Craig High School in 2005. Her parents are Nancy and Mike Bauman. She has a younger sister, Kylie, who is working on her doctorate degree in physical therapy at CU Denver—and sending Kelsey flowers every month of her pregnancy.

“I am so excited to be a mom. When Trini and I married two years ago, we wanted to wait a while and spend time enjoying each other. So when it came to trying, we were really ready. We decided to take one last hoorah vacation in January before trying. We went to Grand Cayman with my family, and we thought it might have happened there. We joked about naming the baby Cayman if he was a boy! But really, it happened right after we got home,” she says.

Kelsey is a cosmetologist at New Images Salon in Craig. She works alongside her mom, Nancy. She loves doing hair, and loves living in Craig.

“At one point I thought I wanted to do hair on the runway but after digging into what that life would look, I quickly learned that you don’t get to have a family life or build personal relationships with clients. So I returned home to set my roots as a hairstylist,” she adds.

The timing of Kelsey’s pregnancy was absolutely perfect. She was able to find out on Valentine’s Day. She did a home test that morning—and the only one she could tell was her dog, Koya, an Alaskan Klee Kai.

“All day at work I held it in and didn’t tell my mom. I wanted to tell Trini first. He gave me flowers for Valentine’s Day and I asked him if he wanted his present. When I told him he just cried, he was so happy,” Kelsey says.

Kelsey is nearly 15 weeks along. The couple plans to wait to find out if Baby Loya is a boy or a girl. So far, she feels just fine besides having an aversion to dirty dishwater and coffee! Check in for weekly posts and updates, and view her video at the TMH website.

25 Weeks! Kelsey tells it like it is!

Kelsey celebrates reaching the top of a long hike up the Manitou Incline with Trini on Sunday, July 13. Notice she's holding up a 2 and a 5 for 25 weeks? And do you see her baby bump?

Time is flying by! Overall, I am feeling consistently good. I am still motivated to stay in the best shape I can with my daily workouts and it keeps me going knowing that it’s healthy for our little one too! I have to be honest though. Now that all the "Shape" and "Fitness" magazine models are gracing our stores in their summer bikinis, I am slightly envious as I glance back down towards my feet.

Oooh wait, I can't see my feet anymore! I know it’s all worth it, though. We are so blessed! I seem to be carrying Baby Loya pretty low, which has introduced me to some new feelings of pressure as he or she is growing. I also feel movement, which is so fun! It masks any discomfort I might be feeling.

Trini and our family are able to feel the kicks as well, as they have become stronger and much more aaaaaaallllll day! We have an active one! :) Trini and I have discovered and always look forward to reading our baby's weekly milestones and new developments! We recently were able to have a 3D ultrasound with Dr. Summers and we are just amazed at what God is creating!

If I were to have a food journal, it would be relatively the same as it has always been. So far, I have not been one to need midnight snacks or 3 a.m. "Honey, will you go get me pickles and ice-cream?" cravings. I think Trini is kind of sad about that one! Instead, he tries to persuade me into thinking I have a craving for something just to satisfy his own! I just laugh and tell him to go ahead and eat the Oreo, even though Baby Loya doesn't seem to want any. Most of the time though, he is a great motivator for healthy eating for me since a healthy lifestyle has become a focus in his life!

The only craving I seem to have lately is for the beach! I get that one from my mom. I was hoping to squeeze in a Mexico Babymoon trip before I can't travel anymore, but time is getting away from us. I hope we have a beach baby that wants to build sand castles and jump waves on family vacations like we had growing up!

Trini and I have been talking a lot about the future and different places we would like to take our child, both locally and around the world. It’s fun to envision what life will be like when we finally get to introduce new things to a child's mind and see the excitement in his or her eyes! We can't wait! Like taking walks at the cabin or seeing all the colors God puts in the sky after a rainstorm...preferably over the ocean!

25 weeks and going strong. Thank God my work has air conditioning!

Trini and Kelsey joke around at the top of the Manitou Incline.

In Honor of Father’s Day…Meet Dad-to-Be, Trini Loya

Trini crosses the finish line of the Steamboat Half Marathon on Sunday, June 1st.

Trini Loya, 32, is wise beyond his years. He already knows that gratitude and a positive attitude are the keys to a happy life. He also has his priorities straight—spending quality time with is family is his number one priority, with working hard at his career a close second. With these philosophies in place, no doubt he will reach his ultimate life goal of becoming “great at what I do and to retire someday with my wife and grown kids and hopefully grandkids someday, so I can enjoy the process all over again!”

It’s refreshing to meet people who are truly happy and live their lives with such honest passion. Trini was born and raised in Craig, along with his older sister Sylvia, and younger brother, Pablo. He describes his parents as hardworking and driven to provide for their family. His mom, Sandra, worked in resorts in Steamboat and his father, Trinidad, worked in construction early on and spent much of his career at the power plant in Craig, where he is still employed.

“Growing up, as a family we enjoyed the outdoors, camping and fishing. We also enjoyed traveling down to Pueblo to see my mom's side of the family and traveling to New Mexico to see my dad's side,” Trini says. Memories of making silly family videos are among his favorites.

Trini was an athletic kid, playing soccer and basketball, and was a junior Olympic boxer at the age of eight. He and his little brother would play basketball against each other and Trini knew that even though he was younger, his brother was better than him. Pablo went on to play college basketball. Trini was always tight with his sister Sylvia as they were close in age and “hung out a lot all the way through high school.”

As an adult, Trini started running marathons. He had put on a little weight through the years and in 2010 he decided to do something about it. He ran his first half marathon in 2011, and another in 2012. In 2013 he ran a full marathon. He’s not stopping there. He plans to run the Steamboat Half Marathon every year so he can “always keep my goal in mind to stay in shape.” Trini describes himself as a bit competitive, and it shows. While his ultimate goal for running marathons is fitness, he came in 25 out of 887 runners this year! Trini ran in honor of Baby Loya, surprising his family with matching t-shirts (see photos from last post).

There’s one more sport to add to the list: golfing. Trini feels passionate about golf and plays it whenever he can: “My goal this year is to become a single-digit handicap golfer. Right now I’m at a 13. I try to go as often as I can. I feel bad leaving Kelsey but she supports me in everything I do and I lover her so much for it,” he states.

As with sports, Trini is also dedicated to being the best he can be at his career. For the past six years, he has worked for Tristate Generation and Trans in Craig. Recently, he passed the exams to become an apprentice electrician and took a new job. He says he “works with a bunch of great guys that he respects a lot, and who are always looking out for him.”

Ever notice how when you expect the best, you tend to get it, and when you wear a cloud around your head, everything seems to go wrong? Trini learned this truth along the way, and applies it every day.

“I believe in friendliness, setting goals and reaching them, and loving selflessly. I try to make everyone smile and if someone is having a bad day I try to give them words of encouragement and just let them know that I am there for them. God has given me a great outlook on life,” Trini exclaims.

Trini is taking his soon-to-be new role of father very seriously, while also knowing it will be fun and amazing to meet and raise Baby Loya.

“When I learned Kelsey was pregnant, I felt tons of emotions: happiness, joy, anxiousness, and disbelief, but in a good way. A lot of thoughts ran through my head, like: "Am I going to be a good daddy? Am I ready? Are we ready? Do I know enough to raise a child? Do I have the skills to be a great dad? I know it will be hard work but I also know that it will be so rewarding. I look forward to the day I get to watch Baby Loya enter this world, and for me and Kelsey to become parents together.”

Update: Kelsey at 20 Weeks

Trini and Kelsey show off their mommy- and daddy-to-be t-shirts at the Steamboat Half Marathon. Trini honored Baby Loya by coming in 25th out of 887 runners!

Kelsey says she is feeling great these days. 20 weeks = half way! The big news lately is that Baby Loya is kicking!

“I have without a doubt officially felt this little one doing its daily kickboxing! At the moment it's only the strength of a butterfly and I can't wait to feel him or her even stronger in this second half of my pregnancy! Women are right when they say that the feeling just can't be described until you feel it yourself! It’s amazing,” says Kelsey.

Kelsey has been busy lately, and luckily she is feeling great physically so she can handle what life brings. She has been working out, eating healthy, and beginning to see her baby bump show.

“My legs are starting to feel the length of my work day and I finally (biiiiiiig sigh) had to trade in my "cute" shoes for my good ole' Nikes. Not totally excited about that change but my feet are happier,” she exclaims.

She has also reached that moment of "can't button my pants any longer." She is shifting her wardrobe towards leggings and dresses and recently bought a couple pairs of maternity shorts.

“Thank God for Trini because he is so good at making me feel better when I feel insecure about my changing body,” she adds.

Kelsey’s active Pinterest page is now sporting parenting tips and newborn photography ideas rather than the usual home remodeling and fashion ideas. Priorities are definitely shifting!

“This past weekend Trini surprised the extended family by dedicating his 4th Steamboat Half Marathon to baby Loya! He had "Team Loya" shirts made for all of us with our future role of Mommy- and Grandparents-to-be on the back! They were in orange, my favorite color! He ran proud and hard in his "Daddy-to-be" gear! It was an awesome weekend and he finished 25th out of 887 runners with a time of 1 hour 37 min!” Kelsey exclaims.

Trini says the coolest moment of the marathon was when a woman came up behind him on the course and told him that he was going to make a great role model for his baby. Kelsey is looking forward to the next ultrasound appointment on June 10th. It will be a family affair, with her parents and in-laws in tow.

Team Loya came out to cheer Trini on at the Steamboat Half Marathon. From Left: Trini's little brother Angel, his mom Sandra, Kelsey, Trini, and his dad Trinidad.

How They Met

Kelsey and Trini: Love at Second Sight

Growing up in Craig with extended families that knew each other, Kelsey and Trini met long before they started dating. Kelsey first met Trini at a family barbecue when she was 13 and he was 19. Due to their six-year age difference, they never considered each other. Then one day many years later, Trini came in to the salon where Kelsey works for a haircut.

“I know it sounds cliché, but I experienced that ‘without a doubt feeling’ when Trini came in that day for a haircut. My mom always used the phrase, 'tall, dark and handsome' to describe the perfect guy and was he ever that! Then he smiled and I was instantly hooked,” exclaims Kelsey.

She felt a “mouth open awe” when he walked out that day, and her coworker Electra made a prediction: the two would be dating within a month.

“Our first date was exactly one month and one day later. Trini invited me over for steak fajitas that night. What girl can resist a guy who cooks? Through laughter and deep conversation, we realized how much we were alike—both loving our small town life and all it has to offer,” she adds.

It only took seven months for a marriage proposal to come. Thinking he was rushing it, Trini nervously asked Kelsey’s dad for permission. His response was a chuckle and a comment of “when you know, you know.”

“Come to find out, my parents met in January and were married in August of the same year! They just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. So did we receive their blessing? Without a doubt!” Kelsey says.

Trini planned a picnic at the Colorado National Monument where he proposed. The two were married on July 14, 2012 in Craig. Together, they enjoy outdoor adventures, family BBQs and a mad love for the Broncos. Their steadfast faith and close ties to family keep them strong.

“We share childlike excitement for simple pleasures, like floating the river, setting up a tent in our living room for a campout and dancing in the kitchen as we make dinner. We can’t wait to bring Baby Loya into our lives to share these joys with us; plus we’ll have a good excuse to watch Disney movies!” Kelsey concludes.

Kelsey's First Ultrasound - April 24, 2014

Dr. Ellis is using his new ultrasound machine to check on the Loya's baby. Kelsey is trying hard not to look, as she doesn't want to know the sex of their child just yet.

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