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Cashlin Paige Wagner, You've Arrived!

Congratulations on a successful birth at TMH.

Thank you Wagners, for sharing your journey with us.

Check out these videos that show Daina and Wayne at different stages in their pregnancy.

Meet New Mom-to-be Daina

Being a mom may be old hat to Daina Wagner, 31, but that doesn’t dampen the joy she feels over having another child. This is the first child with her husband Wayne, which only adds to the excitement.

“I love being a mom. It has always been my first and foremost joy and reward in life. It will be great to share that joy and love with another child. Our kids are really excited, mostly to help with the baby. I explained to my oldest that when the baby is in kindergarten he will be driving, so they really understand what’s to come in the future,” says Daina.

Besides mom and dad, the Wagner family consists of Ezra (10) and Kydalin (8), who attend Maybell Elementary, and Dallis (3).

Daina grew up in Grand Junction, attending Palisade High School, then moved to Craig. Her parents are Mike and Theresa Rhodes. Wayne is a Craig native.

The couple, who married last October, lives on a ranch a few miles west of Craig where they enjoy riding dirt bikes with their children and playing with their dog, Eminem. Both Daina and Wayne run their own businesses out of the ranch. Daina owns Hard Candy Salon—a full service salon offering haircuts, highlights, color, perms, manicures and pedicures. Daina is getting ready to offer spray tanning as well. Wayne has a shop on site—Diversified Welding and Fabrication (DWF).

“It is an idea set up. We can work together and are able to be with our kids all of the time,” she adds.

Daina loves to run and is active in CrossFit. She adheres to the Paleo diet and is a self-taught healthy living guru. Her secret goal is to make her passion for fitness and nutrition a job some day.

At the Wagner household, having a baby is a family affair: “I have a lot of support at home. The kids help me out with little chores and since I am working full time, Wayne picks up a lot of the housework and cooking,” Daina says.

Almost 32 weeks! Daina tells it like it is!

Daina has fun with photography in this silhouette as she holds her belly.

Overall, I feel great and I am thankful for that. My hips are sore after work and I am ready to relax at the end of the day, but I am still taking walks regularly, swimming with the kids and using my kettle bell daily to stay fit. Of course having had preemies, the doctor has limited my exercising.

The truth is, I LOVE my changing body. It is so incredible what our bodies go through to create babies! It has been amazing to track and follow all the changes my body is making. The kids measure my belly growth with their arms when they hug me.

In the first part of pregnancy, I was so worried about gaining weight, but I have always been confident with my body. At one point, I told myself that I have nothing to worry about, and to stop stressing. That helped, and thankfully I’ve been able to truly enjoy every part of my changing body. I am fascinated that Wayne constantly compliments my body. I love that he respects, appreciates and enjoys the changes that are taking place as well.

At almost 32 weeks, I am spending as much time as possible with the kiddos as life is about to change (in such a great way)! As a family, we have several pregnancy habits. On Sundays we sit down together and read what milestones the baby will reach in the week ahead. It is really fun that we all know what is going on inside my body and keeping track of the baby and her growth. It’s such a miracle! Every night the baby is very active, so the family has really enjoyed feeling all the movements and watching my tummy jump. This makes it so real for the kids.

Now that my stomach is getting bigger I am definitely getting a lot more attention, whether it’s hugs, lots of kisses, or touches. The whole family talks to the baby, so she will definitely know all of our voices. The baby is very active in the middle of the night, and all Wayne has to do is put his hand on my stomach and she stops moving. It’s so sweet. This pregnancy has brought our close family even closer, and we thank God every day for his blessings.

We had our baby shower last month, and I must say she is already spoiled! We have amazing friends and family, and such a huge amount of love surrounding this baby. We are still trying to figure out a name. Not only are we all constantly coming up with suggestions, I also get lots of texts from my sisters and friends who keep coming up with ideas as well.

Of course, I have lots of different emotions now that the end of our pregnancy is coming fast. I am anxious, happy, excited and nervous for the delivery all at once. Occasionally, I wake up in the middle of the night in a panic that maybe I'm not as prepared as I should be, or I review all the things I need to pack for the hospital. I know these are just normal mom-to-be feelings. Mostly I am excited with so many wonderful things going on! It’s almost time!

Wayne (and his cowboy hat!) give Daina's belly a kiss.

Meet Dad-to-be Wayne Wagner!

Wayne bull riding on a PRCA tour in Billings, Montana.

Wayne Wagner has already achieved a lot in his 33 years—namely a career in bull riding and starting his own business—but his greatest achievement, he believes, is being a father and a husband.

“Being a dad and a husband is really what defines me. Providing the best for my family is really important to me. Parenting isn't always easy but it's very rewarding—and you really do get back what you put in,” says Wayne.

Wayne was born in Craig. His father, Ray Wagner, owned Wagner Construction for several years. His mom, Sharon, was a stay-at-home mom. They both still reside in Craig. As a child, Wayne enjoyed baseball and learned the value of hard work, quitting sports in sixth grade to start at his first job. He fondly remembers the many trips his family took through the years.

“I live by the Code of the West: honesty, integrity, respect and loyalty. Our faith as a family is strong and we live by the Bible and do our best to walk with God. Daina and I work hard to set a good example for the kids to follow,” he adds.

Wayne started riding bulls when he was 17. By age 19 he’d turned pro under the name of “Wildman Wagner,” and was named one of the top bull riders in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA). In 2005, he was ranked #2 of all riders in the mountain states circuit. Riding bulls became his full time job for several years. He traveled across the country and even to Ireland to compete.

“I know from experience there are easier ways to make a living,” he quips.

One highlight of his career includes drawing the #4 ranked bull in the world to ride—named Super Cool—at a PRCA event.

“I always enjoyed getting on the ‘unridable’ bulls. I’m naturally a thrill seeker,” Wayne says.

Another highlight was getting high scores at the Professional Bull Rider’s Pro Tour in Kalispell, Montana in 2008. Not only do bull riders have to pass the first test, staying on the bull for at least 8 seconds, they are then given scores from 1 to 100 from four judges. Some of the best scores ever recorded are around 95 points.

“The short-round bull I rode was an offspring of the legendary Little Yellow Jacket, and he had never been ridden. I received a score of 86 points in the short round and 90 points in the long round that day,” he exclaims.

Today, Wayne has retired his spurs but gets the satisfaction of teaching Ezra (10), how to ride bulls.

“Ezra is physically talented at everything he does. It’s a rough style of life, but we encourage our kids to follow their dreams,” he adds.

Early on, Wayne learned the welding trade and started his own business—Diversified Welding and Fabrication (DWF). He works with all kinds of metal—aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, hard steel and does custom design work. It’s a career that fits him well.

“I have a unique mind in that I am constantly coming up with ideas, so metal fabrication is a perfect career for me. I'm one of those guys that if I see it in my mind I can build it. I’ve had my own business for 13 years, now,” he says.

Wayne is extremely excited for the birth of the baby and says he will do “anything and everything” to help Daina in the delivery room. Hold on, baby-to-be, you are going to live a full and exciting life as a Wagner!

Update: Daina at 25 Weeks

Three beautiful girls in a row! Daina loves this super cute photo of her at 24 weeks sharing some girl time with her daughters Kydalin and Dallis.

Mom Daina adjusts to the rollercoaster of pregnancy as she gives us her 25-week update. One of Daina’s close friends, Desiree, is hosting a couples’ baby shower BBQ for Daina and Wayne. Excitement radiates from Daina as the planning and shopping fun begin.

“The fact it’s a couples shower makes it so special to us,” she says.

With spare time in between working and summertime activities with the kids, Daina and Wayne shopped for some adorable new outfits for the baby as well as picked up the custom painted nursery furniture. They decided to go with a French Provincial theme for baby W.

“Wayne has been such a huge part of this entire pregnancy, from the everyday small stuff to the big stuff. I love the closeness of our relationship,” Daina says.

Daina noticed the baby has become very active recently and she loves it! Her son, Ezra, and daughter, Kydalin, did not just feel the baby move this week, but also saw her moving. Daina said they were so excited.

“It’s really special in the morning between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. I feel like it’s our own private time,” Daina exclaims.

However, every day is not sunshine. Daina recalls eating a funnel cake at the carnival earlier this week and it immediately came back up. Wise words from Daina to all pregnant women - eat clean and exercise.

“It’s been so long since I have put junk food in my body that it really didn’t know what to do!” she said.

Daina is following her own advice by eating healthy and running a series of Fun Runs throughout the summer.

“My first one is this weekend in Craig! I have lots of races all summer, and each race I will wear something that identifies how many weeks along I am,” she concludes.

Wayne has some fun with Daina's growing belly. Can you make out the heart? They sure can!

How They Met

Daina and Wayne: Country Boy Meets City Girl

Daina says that when she first met Wayne they didn’t have much in common: “He was a country boy, I was a city girl,” she says.

Daina was invited to go swimming by his sister with his family. Thinking pool or lake, she put on her pink polka dot bikini. After driving dirt roads, they arrived at a muddy swimming pond. When the others saw her bikini, they laughed hysterically. None were wearing swimsuits! When she inquired, they pulled out knives from their pockets and simply cut off their jeans. The joke about the pink polka dot bikini still lives on today.

Over the years they became friends and would see each other now and then for lunch when she visited Craig from Grand Junction, or when he happened to come there.

Wayne was born and raised and Craig and was an avid and well-known bull rider who travelled around the country. Daina was a young mother living and working in Grand Junction.

“We have only spent two weekends apart in the last four and a half years,” says Daina. The couple married in October 2013.

“We are very close. We talk about everything and do everything together—and we parent our kids very well together. Bringing two families together can be hard, but we’ve never had a problem blending our two families. We share a strong faith and put God first in our lives,” she adds.

It seems country and city do mix: “He is more calm and laid back and funny. I am more serious at times. We’ve rubbed off on each other,” she concludes.

Daina's Ultrasound Appt. - April 24, 2014

The moment the Wagners learn they are having a girl!

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