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We've Shared the Journey of Two Families

Babies DO Happen Here, Families Happen Here, too!

Growing a baby is an exciting and life-changing time. Unless you have had a baby or your best friend is expecting, you don’t get to watch the story of a pregnancy unfold. Now’s your chance! Two local moms-to-be—Daina Wagner and Kelsey Loya shared their journeys with us. Click on links below to watch videos of key happenings—like doctor visits and ultrasounds, photos and posts from the moms themselves—and their husbands Wayne and Trini along the way. You can even meet the babies - Cashlin and Quincey. Click on each family's read more link below.

Oh Baby!! They've Turned One!

Babies Happen Here Update – Quincey Loya and Cashlin Wagner

It’s hard to believe a full year has passed since our two featured Babies Happen Here moms gave birth! Little Quincey Loya and Cashlin Wagner are thriving and enjoying life.

Words from Daina Wagner on Cashlin's First Year

Cashlin enjoys her first taste of birthday cake!

The Wagner kids, left to right with Baby Cashlin in the middle, of course! Dallis (4), Kydalin (9), Cashlin (1), Ezra (11).

Q: Is raising Cashlin a family affair?

A: As the youngest, her older siblings cater to her hand and foot, which she loves, so yes, it is very much a family affair! Each day she gets special time with everyone. The kids love to read books to her, give her baths and play outside with her. It has been amazing to watch Wayne and the kids fall so in love with her. It literally brings tears of joy to my eyes. She’s such a sweet bundle of snuggly cuteness.

Q: What was her first word?

A: Her first word was Dada and luckily we were all there when she said it for the first time. Cash is a complete daddy’s girl. She loves to ride on the backhoe with him and hang out while he’s working. In fact, I tell Wayne she knows when he is supposed to be home. She listens for the door and when she hears it open she starts hollering with lots of excitement, “Daddy! Daddy!” as she scoots to the kitchen. It’s so cute!

Q: Does she have any nicknames yet? A: Cash, Booboos and Cash Bear. And of course Cashlin Paige if she is being naughty. Wink! Wink!

Q: What is she like as a baby? A: She loves to make people laugh with her funny little faces and crazy noises. She’s also adventurous—likely a trait from her dad and brother! She loves animals and being outside in the dirt. Luckily she also loves baths. Any time any of us are in the shower she will sit outside the door and knock. She also loves to brush her teeth. She has one tooth that she insists on brushing after her bath, and of course she has to shut off the light.

Q: So, you’ve recently became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. How is that going? Who keeps Cashlin during classes? A: I have always had a passion for fitness. I love guiding people to be fit, healthy and confident, and I have worked very hard with what little extra time I have since Cashlin was born to get certified. I lead an amazing group of athletes in my 5 am class. And most importantly, the kids are all still snuggled in bed at that time.

Words from Kelsey Loya on Quincey’s first year

Kelsey, Quincey and Trini Loya

Q: When she was born were you hit like a brick with how much love you have for her?

A: Yes, yes, yes, we get it now. Talk about love at first sight! She of course is the best thing to have ever happened to us! We have been blessed. Period.

Q: What is she like as a baby?

A: This little blue-eyed soul is so sweet, loving and charismatic! She is not very dramatic, she’s go-with-the-flow, and is an even-tempered little chick (just wait we know, we know)! She seems to be a cautious girl when it comes to new people approaching her, but sit down and read her a book and she is your best friend! Once she hit the 6-month-old mark her personality has just continued to shine! Minus a short month early on where she was in "stranger danger" mode, we have a little socialite! She loves smiling, saying hello to everyone in the grocery store and is a jabber box.

Q: What was her first word?

A: "Dada," and rightfully so. I mean he got me to fall head over heels too! She also went through a period of what we called Chinese talk. "Ming-o ming-o ming-o.” Occasionally she still babbles on like that and we still don't know what it means! Now thankfully she says quite a few words and it’s so rewarding to see how much she is learning!

Q: Do you have any insights on being new parents?

A: She is crawling around like a mad woman in all which ways, but at the same time she has slowed our lives down and we are thoroughly enjoying all the small moments! It’s crazy how we put her to bed at night and it seems she is a new person and an inch taller each morning! Time truly does fly and I don't like that part.

Q: What is the most surprising, unexpected part of being a new parent?

A: The most surprising part for me about parenthood actually doesn't have anything to do with us, but with our families! I knew they would love her of course, but they LOVE her! It makes us so happy to watch Quincey melt their hearts too! My mom and mother-in-law have shared two days a week watching her while we are at work and that has been a lifesaver for us! We were also blessed with another friend named Jen who has been a caretaker for our little miss every other week for the first year and oh does Quincey love her Jen!

Q: What adventures has she been on during her first year?

A: Quincey has been to Lake Powell and the cabin this year, but more so, she has taken us on adventures this year! We have explored new territories in our house that we didn't even know were cool, like underneath the dining table and deep inside our bathroom vanity! We have never made so many faces at ourselves in the mirror or jumped around like a monkey for a giggle as we do now! It feels pretty good and freeing of the soul!

Q: What are your thoughts about The Memorial Hospital and the services you have received here?

A: We recommend TMH birthing center to everyone with confidence and excitement because we had such an amazing experience there! Their team helped us bring this amazing being into the world and on top of that we know that if we ever needed anything, they are there for us! I still keep the nurses station number on our fridge because those girls are full of so much helpful "what do I do" info!!!

We are going to TMH Medical Clinic for pediatric services. We mainly see Dr. Follet but she recently went on maternity leave so now we see Dr. Yarmer, and we felt right at home with her. Thankfully we have had a healthy first year of life and have only had to go see these wonderful ladies for well-child checkups and vaccinations!

It's a girl!

Click on Kelsey and Trini's page below and try not to cry as you listen to them recount the birth of Quincey Reese!

6 lbs, 14 oz and 19" of joy!

Sporting her purple hat made by TMH nurses, Quincey Reese was born at 12:43 in the morning on Friday, October 24.

Kelsey is pleased to announce that her labor & delivery went just the way she hoped it would. Without a hitch. Remember the Thursday night Bronco's game? Kelsey and Trini will never forget it. They were watching the game at home with her parents when the contractions started getting really strong.

"I woke up Thursday with cramps and debated when to go in all day long. During the Broncos game I was on all fours to get through the contractions, so we decided it was time to go to the hospital," she said.

She was admitted and settled in her room. By now the game was in the 4th quarter, and she was using a birthing ball to help with contractions. They were getting too strong, so she decided it was time to turn off the game.

Her nurse, Jennifer Hergenreter, RN, was coaching her through the contractions. "She couldn't have been better, she kept me focused and pushing. It was awesome," Kelsey says.

Dr. Ellis was right there with her, telling her how good she was doing. Her parents and sister Kylie were at her side, and of course Trini whom she calls an awesome coach.

"He'd bend over and talk right into my ear telling me to breathe and whispering encouragements," Kelsey adds.

When Quincey was born, they all cried. It couldn't have gone better, and it was the pretty dress and not the Bronco's outfit after all. Regardless, she's bound to be a Bronco's fan.

Welcome to the world, Baby Loya!

It's Any Day Now for Kelsey and Trini!

Bags are packed and outfits are picked for Baby Loya. Which will it be? Broncos garb or a pretty dress?

Trini and Kelsey celebrate their pregnancy in September. Photo courtesy of Katherine Ellis.

Update from Kelsey! I had my final check up appointment before my due date on Thursday October 16 with Dr. Summers and all is looking good! We are down to three days to our due date and no early signs that the baby is coming. My friend Natosha gave me the best advice. She said, “Just remember that during labor, trust your body that it will do what it already knows to do.” Dr. Summers showed us how my body is progressing and it gave me chills to know that my body is doing what it needs to do to prepare.

Initially I planned to make October 10th my last day of work, but I quickly realized I was still feeling good and that I might end up vacuuming my dog if I stayed home the next week! I'm really glad I worked last week so poor Koya got to keep her fur, and I got to stay upright so gravity could continue to help in any way it can! Being the natural "nester" that I am, I already had most everything ready to go months ago. The nursery is done, my bag is packed, and the house is organized and clean. My only regret is that I cannot get my sparkly wedding ring on anymore!

Our bag has comfy clothing, a camera, phone, list of people to tell the good news, and our Team Loya shirts Trini had made earlier this year! Trini picked out a Denver Bronco coming home outfit if it's a boy and I put together a girly outfit if we have a little miss.

We toured the birthing unit at TMH a while back. Talk about an impressive facility and staff! It has everything from birthing balls to a jetted tub to help us through labor. We loved everything right down to the coffee bar outside the delivery room door. Talk about accommodating even to the dads-to-be!

Now we play the waiting game and whisper encouragements to Baby Loya. We say, "You can come out now. We are all ready and waiting for you.”

Welcome, Cashlin Paige Wagner!

Click on Daina and Wayne's page below to watch a video of the birth at TMH!

Congratulations to Daina and Wayne on your beautiful baby girl.

Cashlin Paige Wagner was born August 28. She weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces and is 19” long.

Click on Daina's “Read More” tab to WATCH A VIDEO of her arrival!

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