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Treating Stings and Bites in Kids

Nothing is better than enjoying the outdoors as a family. Don’t let bugs and critters ruin your hike or camping trip. Follow this advice to soothe bee stings, avoid ticks and know how to best react to a rattlesnake bite.

Control Triggers, Control Asthma

Did you know that the way you clean your house or treat your pets can affect your asthma? If you or a family member has been diagnosed with asthma, changing some of your everyday habits to limit triggers might be key to better breathing.

Helping Young Children Recover From Upper Respiratory Infections

When viruses strike, babies and young children are often hit the hardest. Since babies can’t blow their noses and toddlers are not all that good at it, they may need extra help to clear mucus and recover. The TMH Medical Clinic often sees children with upper respiratory viral infections. Here are some solutions when your baby gets sick.

Well Child Checks Keep Kids Healthy

Your child might have been able to see the blackboard perfectly last spring, but struggled this fall. Did you know that your child’s eyesight can change quickly— even over the summer? That’s just one reason well child checks are important once-a-year events for kids.

Could Your Child’s Reoccurring Cough Be Asthma?

Does it seem like your young child always has a cold or cough? Does she often cough at night? Has she been diagnosed with chronic bronchitis or reoccurring respiratory infections? If so, it might be time to get her evaluated for asthma.

Treating Enterovirus 68 and Other Upper Respiratory Infections in Kids

You may have heard of enterovirus 68. It’s an especially aggressive strain of a common set of bugs that causes upper respiratory symptoms each fall in children and adults alike. The TMH Medical Clinic sees cases of enterovirus 68 and other upper respiratory viral infections every year.

Be Diligent about Sun Protection with Kids

When you are out having fun take precautions to protect your family, especially babies, from too much sun exposure.

Keeping Kids Safe While Bike Riding

Nothing says summer for kids like whizzing down the road on a bike. Biking provides a taste of independence that all kids crave—and need. The challenge is knowing when your child is ready to venture off on her own.

When to Take Your Child to Urgent Care

What types of sickness, injury, and other symptoms warrant urgent care versus the emergency room for children?

Antibiotic Not Always Best Treatment For Sick Child

When your child is sick you want to do whatever you can to get them better—fast. You bundle them up and take them to the doctor, expecting to get something to get rid of the illness, but you end up with a list of ways to treat the symptoms instead. If you leave wondering why you didn’t get an antibiotic to fix the problem, you may need a quick lesson in what antibiotics are used for and what causes common illnesses—a virus or a bacteria. After all, antibiotics only work on bacteria.