TMH Ladies Auxiliary Seeks More Volunteers Back to News

December 2nd, 2010

Probably the most important quality for any prospective Pink Lady volunteer is compassion.

That's the opinion of Doris Moore, 87, who was on staff when a young woman recently died at The Memorial Hospital.

"Her sister was taking it really hard," Moore said. "The mother wouldn't leave the sister's side. It was real hard on me, too, because I'd just lost a brother in Grand Junction. But, you try to help them, show them where they can go to be with one another and get a drink if they want one."

Moore has been one of the Pink Ladies - a volunteer group officially known as TMH Ladies Auxiliary, but more recognized by its members' requisite pink jackets - since a few months after she moved to Craig in 1975.

"I had been in the hospital at St. Mary's a lot down in Grand Junction," she said. "I figured I could give back a little."