TMH Attempting to Balance Local Needs With Sound Decisions Back to News

December 2nd, 2010

In early June, The Memorial Hospital ran an ad in the Craig Daily Press asking for bids from businesses to supply furnishings for its new facility.

Furniture Gallery owner Rodney Klimper wanted to get involved, but he said he was stopped short of making his bid because of the project requirement.

He said the bidding process for furnishing the hospital required a breadth of products that local businesses would not be able to supply.

"Why is it being set up that locals are excluded?" he said. "They ran this ad to include us, but then they made it impossible for us to bid."

Samantha Johnston, TMH Service Excellence Officer, said it is important to the hospital to keep as many of the contractors and as much of the labor in the community as possible.

"I think it's important to remember that even though a certain business cannot bid a piece, we continue to put dollars back into the community," Johnston said.

Voters passed a bond issue in 2007 to pay for the $42.6 million new hospital, located off Moffat County Road 7.

TMH officials anticipate the new facility to be finished in mid-November, ahead of schedule and on budget.