New Technologies at TMH for Women’s Health Back to News

June 9th, 2016

TMH is proud to announce new technologies for women’s health, including gentler, family-focused C-sections and advanced 3D Mammography.

Gentle cesarean sections, or family centered cesarean makes the procedure less like major surgery and more like natural birth. During a typical C-section, babies are often removed for care rather than given a chance to have skin-to-skin time with mom. In gentle C-sections, the family can remain in the room, and little adjustments are made, like moving equipment, to allow the babies to be placed on mothers’ chests immediately after birth, enabling them to hold their babies and even start breastfeeding.

3D mammography, or tomosynthesis, has been found to catch aggressive cancers earlier over standard mammography. Research shows that 3D mammography in combination with standard digital mammography raised cancer detection rates over 40 percent. It has been described as a CAT scan of the breast as it takes several X-rays at different angles to create a 3D image.

With these expanded offerings, TMH is poised to lead the way of taking women's healthcare into the future.