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When You Just Don't Feel Good

No matter your age, our family physicians are an excellent starting point. From annual physicals, the occasional cold or flu, or if you’re just not feeling well and can’t pinpoint the cause – our physicians, physician’s assistants and other clinical staff at The Memorial Hospital Medical Clinic is a great choice.


The Memorial Hospital Medical Clinic

785 Russell Street, Craig, CO 81625

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Meet Dr. Elise Sullivan, family medicine

Did you always want to be a doctor? There are no other doctors in my family, but I always loved science growing up. In high school, I developed an inner ear disorder. I would suddenly fall down from the imbalance and not be able to get up for a minute. It got worse my freshman year in college and I had to drop out. At the time, my mom was a single mom working three jobs and we didn’t have health insurance.
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Family Medicine

Dr. Ellise Sullivan

Maggie Anderson, PA-C

Neilene Folks, PA

Tracey Wall, PA-C

Meet Maggie Anderson, physician assistant

What attracted you to Craig and the area? I always thought I’d live in a big city, having grown up in one. That changed when I traveled to several outlying small towns for my clinical training while completing my physician assistant studies in Wichita, Kansas. I really fell in love with the friendly hometown feel of small towns, and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know patients as if they were family and friends. Craig has that same feel. I visited a few weeks back and was fortunate enough to find the perfect house. I am very excited to not only work in the community, but also really become a part of it.

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Meet Neilene Folks, physician assistant

What do you enjoy most about being a PA? Seeing positive change and helping people feel better; that’s exciting to me. Working in family medicine I get to do a little of everything. I work with a lot of diabetic patients, but I like all aspects of my job. I really enjoy working at TMH—we have a close knit medical team at the Clinic and all of our different experiences come in handy. We work really well together.

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Family Medicine and Pediatrics

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