patient stories

There's No Place Like TMH

“After an ATV accident, I needed a thumb joint replacement. With some hesitation I had the surgery. I was scared to death. But from the very second I arrived, I was walked through the process and given options. I appreciated that. The surgery went well and I went to TMH’s Rehabilitation Center twice a week for 10 weeks. They were so positive and encouraging. I was happy and sad when my therapy was over – I’ll miss the staff that became my friends.” Renee Campbell

There's No Place Like TMH

“Surrounded by my friends and family, I learned that I had cancer. I was nervous and scared, but my surgeon, the nurses, my oncology nurse and even the staff in the billing office were so wonderful. Everyone was so sweet and helpful. They took such good care of me and I knew I was in good hands. We have a ‘stellar’ facility here and even the food is good. There’s no way I’d go anywhere else.” Sherrie Johnson, Maybell Resident

My Life. My Memorial.

"Thirteen years ago, I was a cancer patient at The Memorial Hospital at Craig. The staff was supportive during my treatments, and the doctors were caring and knowledgeable. Being close to home and able to sleep in my own bed after treatments was important. Thirteen year later, I am healthy and thankful for the team at TMH who were crucial in my success to beat cancer. I had cancer; now I have a life."
Corky Coverston, Craig Resident

My Baby. My Memorial.

"The OB/GYN staff at The Memorial Hospital is absolutely amazing! From the initial visit to post-delivery, everyone was very pleasant I spent time with both Dr. Keating and Dr. Ellis; they were professional, warm, nurturing and took the time to get to know me. Dr. Keating and I were pregnant at the same time, and it felt good to share stories about our pregnancies and about being moms."
Sara Linsacum and baby Tinsley, Craig Residents

Our Lifestyle. My Memorial.

"Between us we have had 27 surgeries,all at The Memorial Hospital. We actually joke that we need a punch card. Although we are able to laugh, we are serious about being healthy, recovering quickly and getting back to our lives. The staff at TMH is wonderful and the doctors are professional, knowledgeable and caring. When you've had as many surgeries as we have, traveling back and forth to hospitals outside of our community just isn't practical."
Jerry and Sharon Hoberg, Craig Residents

My Life. My Memorial.

"One day in April, I was having chest discomfort. I thought it was indigestion. Later, when I was feeding my horses, the pain got much stronger, so my wife drove me to the E.R. The staff was working quickly to determine what was wrong when I suddenly went into cardiac arrest. I don't remember what happened after that, but my family does. The ER team gave me CPR and a clot-busting drug and defibrillated my heart. Without the doctors, nurses and technicians at The Memorial Hospital, I wouldn't be alive today. My family and I are very thankful."
Larry Sanders, Craig Resident

My Time. My Memorial.

"Eleven years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was treated and cancer-free for a number of years. Then in 2007, scans revealed tumors in my lungs, liver, bones and brain. Ever since then I've been getting chemotherapy. My husband, Bill, used to drive me to Grand Junction for chemo once a week, and it took the entire day. Now I have chemo every Monday at The Memorial Hospital. The same oncologist I've had for years prescribes the treatment, but I'm able to receive it right here in Craig. It's so much more convenient. I'd rather spend my time gardening than driving back and forth to Grand Junction."
Joan Spicer, Craig Resident

My Family. My Memorial.

“I delivered my first son in Steamboat. When I became pregnant for the second time, I chose Dr. J. Scott Ellis as my OB because I’d heard good things about him. He made me feel really comfortable, and when it came time to deliver, I had a wonderful experience at The Memorial Hospital. The labor and delivery nurses were amazing, the new birthing center rooms are beautiful—even the food was good! It was so much more convenient for me and my family and visitors. I would recommend the TMH Birthing Services to all my friends because it just makes sense to use a great service that is close to home."

Jennifer Pressgrove, Craig Resident

My Health. My Memorial.

"There's always a certain level of stress when you're admitted to the hospital. When I was going in for my surgery, my stress level was greatly reduced by the nursing staff and my doctor at The Memorial Hospital. They have wonderful personalities and used a lot of humor to make me feel at ease — which was nice with such a serious thing going on. After surgery, when I was finally ready to get up and move around, I walked all over the halls as the nurses cheered me one. They made me feel as if I was the only patient in the hospital that day. I give them all five stars!"
Davida White, Craig Resident

My Community. My Memorial.

“My loyalty will always lie with Memorial. Back in February, I started feeling terrible and knew something was seriously wrong. With just a few tests, they quickly connected the dots and determined that I had a rare, rapidly progressing disease. Without their quick diagnosis and pushing me to see a specialist immediately, I would have ended up in a wheelchair. And within a year of that, my organs would have started shutting down.

I’ll be on medication for a few years, but I feel wonderful! It’s been an amazing journey and I’m so thankful for the care I’ve received at Memorial Hospital and Medical Clinic.”

Colleen Manley, Maybell Resident